CoPower was founded on the idea that if ordinary people like us were empowered to invest their savings in clean energy, together we could fund climate-change-fighting infrastructure projects on a massive scale, and make a profit while doing so. 

If you're looking to make a profit while making a difference for the planet, read on to learn more about our 6-year, 5% Green Bonds and 4-year, 4% Green Bonds, and get started as a clean energy investor today. 


Green Bonds make more clean energy projects possible.

Your investment in CoPower Green Bonds supports the growth of Canada’s clean energy industry. Here’s how they work.

We focus on lending to small-to-mid-sized clean energy projects like solar rooftops, LED lighting retrofits, residential geo-exchange projects. These projects use long-proven and widely available technologies, but because of their small size, finding financing is still a challenge. At the same time, they offer huge impact potential. After all, 40% of Canada’s emissions come from our built environment, and projects like these are what’s needed to decarbonize our building stock.

A solar project on the roof or a school, for example, will have more difficulty securing financing from traditional lenders, than a project the size of a football field. In most cases, the economics, impact and project features are comparable, but so is the amount of work it takes to carry out due diligence. This means that banks and pension funds tend to focus on larger investment opportunities, leaving otherwise good but small projects with few financing options.

That’s where CoPower Green Bond financing and your investment can make the difference.

We bring hundreds of these impactful projects loans together in diversified portfolios that back your bonds. Those projects generate steady revenues from the sale of clean energy or energy savings and as clean energy developers repay their loans, that money flows through to you as interest payments.

It’s a win-win proposition. CoPower’s model, supported by the excellent economics of clean energy, allows you to earn attractive returns while providing catalytic financing to help grow our nation’s clean energy industry and get our climate onto a safer track.



Green Bonds help you make a profit while making a difference

A simple, smart investment with real impact.

With CoPower, you don’t need to be a millionaire, a clean energy expert, or put all your money behind one project. Instead, CoPower Green Bonds allow you to earn up to 5% annually by investing in a diversified portfolio of projects at an accessible minimum investment of $5000.

We’ve made a few small tweaks to this newest issuance, but what makes our Green Bonds great is staying the same. Here are the details:


Earn up to 5% interest annually

Our new issuance gives you the choice between a 4-year, 4% Green Bond and a 6-year, 5% Green Bond. Customize your investment further by opting to receive either quarterly fixed payments of simple interest, or reinvest and compound those payments for a higher payout at the end of the term.


Make an investment with real, measurable impact

The clean energy project loans backing our Green Bonds reduce carbon and either save energy or generate clean, green power, sometimes both. Our first $10 million in Green Bonds financed 6 diversified portfolios of 358 individual clean energy projects that together reduce carbon emissions by 4,480 tonnes of CO2 annually, that’s enough to take 959 cars off the road.

Even more importantly, your Green Bond investment is about building markets and laying the essential groundwork for Canada’s clean energy transition.


Save on your tax bill by investing via your RRSP or TFSA

While our previous Green Bonds were also eligible to be held in certain types of registered accounts (RRSP, TFSA, RESP and RRIF); they paid 0.5% less than our other series. Our new bonds allow you to earn up to a full 4% annually with our 4-year bond or 5% annually with our 6-year bond. Please note that fees may be charged by your own financial institution. Speak to a CoPower investment representative for more information.


Diversify your portfolio

This year has brought some wild fluctuations in the public stock markets. As a private investment, in other words not traded publicly, CoPower Green Bonds provide an opportunity to diversify your portfolio and shield your returns from market downsides.

And while you diversify your portfolio, we’re diversifying ours. Your new investment in CoPower Green Bonds will support us in lending to new projects, but in order to maintain diversification and mitigate risk, it will also be backed by our existing portfolio of projects, now 358 and counting.


Easy, online & transparent

In order to make it easy for you to invest in our shared clean energy future, we’ve built a simple online platform that can be used by anyone. No documents to print out and sign, no investment offices to visit. Invest from the comfort of your kitchen table with just a few clicks.

After you invest you’ll be able to monitor the financial and impact performance of your investment via your online investor dashboard. We’ll keep you updated on the projects you’re supporting and the broader impact you’re having.

At CoPower we believe that the transition from an older-energy economy to a new energy economy is one of the greatest wealth creation opportunities of this generation. Green Bonds, whatever size of investor you are, are a great way to be part of that.



CoPower Green Bonds help you put the planet in your portfolio