When we started CoPower, Raphael and I had this idea that if ordinary people like us were empowered to invest in clean energy, together we could fund projects on a massive scale, and make a profit while doing so.

It was a big vision, and leaving our jobs to start CoPower felt like a leap of faith. Three years later, it’s still an ambitious vision, but we’re encouraged by the milestones we've achieved so far, including raising $8 Million for clean energy, as well as the validation we’ve received from our dedicated community of investors and supporters. Next month, we’re taking another big step forward, and we hope you’ll join us.

On March 1st, investors across Canada will have the opportunity to participate in and profit from the transition to a clean energy future by investing in CoPower Green Bonds (tweet this)!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing more information about the bonds and the clean energy projects they support, but for now I want to focus on the bigger picture: why green bonds are a crucial part of the solution.

1. Clean energy is a huge wealth creation opportunity. Green Bonds give you access.

As we see it, shifting from an economy fuelled by oil and gas to one powered by clean energy is one of the greatest challenges the world will ever face, but it’s also an incredible opportunity for those who choose to be part of the solution.

The task of building a sustainable energy system gives us the chance to shape the future we want, one with healthy environments, thriving communities, and good local jobs. It’s also an incredibly profitable opportunity. The distributed energy market in North America alone is estimated to be over $270 billion. Solar energy luminary Jigar Shah calls this creating climate wealth.

Green Bonds make it easier to access these profitable clean energy investment opportunities. You don’t need to have millions, be a clean energy expert, or put all your money behind one project. Instead our Green Bonds allow you to earn up to 5% annually by investing in a diversified portfolio of projects at an accessible minimum investment of $5000.

2. Green Bonds make more clean energy projects possible.

As Raphael and I discovered while working together at a cleantech fund in Montreal, one of the biggest barriers to building more clean energy is not a lack of technology, it’s a lack of financing.

Reliable solar, wind, geo-exchange and LED technologies that reduce carbon pollution, generate clean power and save energy are widely available. But high upfront installation costs and fact that many traditional lenders are slow to adapt to to these new opportunities have left a financing gap that prevents profitable projects from being built.

Green Bonds address this need directly by unlocking new sources of capital -- our individual and collective investment portfolios -- to build more climate-saving clean energy projects.

3. A movement of green bond investors can help build clean energy projects at the scale needed to fight climate change.

A successful low carbon transition will involve building a lot of clean energy. As things stand currently, these projects aren’t going to get built on their own, and certainly not as fast as the climate is changing. To make the clean energy future a reality, we all need to invest in it.

By investing in Green Bonds you can join a growing movement of investors who together are using the power of their portfolios to address the financing gap and build more clean energy, while making an attractive financial return in the process.

Just like Canada Savings Bonds have financed much of the public infrastructure we use everyday, Green Bonds can help finance the green infrastructure we need for the low carbon transition.

The clean energy future is ours for the making. The only question is will you invest in it?  

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