We’re thrilled to announce the launch of CoPower’s online investment platform for clean energy and the successful financing of our first projects.

At CoPower, our mission is to help investors place capital into projects that have solid returns along with a positive social and environmental benefit. We focus on clean energy infrastructure projects that are usually community-scale distributed energy.

Our initial two projects epitomize this focus.

First, we provided debt financing to solar photovoltaic (PV) projects across two rooftops in Windsor, ON (You can find the press release here). Along with a steady financing return of 6% annually, these projects will send clean power into the Ontario grid and support local jobs.

Second, we financed an energy efficiency retrofit at the Harbourfront Centre in downtown Toronto (press release here). Investors receive solid returns, less natural gas and electricity will be used at the facility, and a lower energy bill means that Harbourfront Centre has more funding for its core arts and culture mission. This is triple bottom line investing.

These projects, financed by private investors from across Canada are a great first step.

We’re excited to keep building more clean energy, and opening up the platform for even more investors.