This time last year we had raised $430,000 for clean energy from approximately 12 investors. The new government crowd-funding regulations we were advocating for had not yet been passed and so we were only able to work with accredited investors. We had just welcomed our fourth team member.

We're still early days, but one year later, we're thrilled by how far we've come.

As of this week, we've reached $6 million raised for carbon-reducing clean energy and energy efficiency projects from 70 investors. Our team has doubled in size & opened a second office in Toronto. We’ve financed four clean energy projects and are in the process of closing several more loans. We launched our online platform and our first product accessible to retail investors, the CoPower Green Bond. And we’re just getting started!

In preparation for our AGM we created a (can we say gorgeous) annual report site showcasing some of our top moments so far & some of the investors and supporters working toward our mission of a clean energy future built by ordinary Canadian investors.

But, I’ll let the report site speak for itself. Check it out!

Blog Thumbnail Annual Report.png

**Note: The $5 million stat on the site is already out of date. CoPower just secured another $1M commitment from a leading Canadian foundation. That brings us to $6M raised for clean energy and climate.


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