Friends of CoPower,
A special edition of our monthly newsletter with a few short updates for June:
1) Montreal Crowdfunding Event, June 9 CoPower is organizing a one-day conference on equity crowdfunding. Sponsored by Notman House, Osler, and MNP, we have a star lineup of speakers including Patrick Théorêt of the AMF, investors from Real Ventures, Anges Québec, Brightspark Ventures, and Eastman Capital. It's your opportunity to learn about proposed new crowdfunding regulations before the end of the comment period on June 18. Click here for agenda and tickets.
2) CoPower website We're very excited to finally unveil our new website, at Take a look, and let us know what you think!
3) New blog post CoPower was invited to C2-MTL to present our platform for clean energy crowdfinancing. Check out our latest blog post, inspired by C2-MTL's theme of commerce and creativity.
4) Crowdfunding and clean energy news Big names are betting big on crowdfunding. as real estate portals RealtyMogul and FundRise raised $9 million and $31 million in venture capital respectively. In the clean energy world, a campaign for Solar Roadways tapped into the voracious appetite of average investors for clean energy, by raising nearly $2 million through crowdfunding. However, as Katie Fehrenbacher of GigaOM cogently explains, their money would probably be better spent deploying current solar technologies. That's what we're here for!
5) As always, connect with us on LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Medium, and come visit our website!


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