Friends of CoPower,
With summer behind us, CoPower is moving into an exciting autumn.
1) Upcoming news Our team, advisors and partners are working together on some big CoPower news. Stay tuned over the coming weeks to get the scoop!
2) Stock markets cheer crowd-financing and solar financing Lending Club is an online investment platform that is positioning itself as an alternative to major banks. By using technology to save costs, borrowers receive better rates, and individual investors make great returns. To date, Lending Club has originated more than $5 billion of loans, and this week, announced it is planning a $500 million initial public offering (IPO). Separately, Vivint Solar, a provider of zero-money-down solar energy for residential customers, has also filed for a $200 million IPO. It's the major competitor with Elon Musk's SolarCity, whose stock is trading at six times its IPO price, only two years on.

3) Our next prize The Clean Energy Canada team explains how, after the oil sands,clean energy could be Canada's next major source of wealth creation, in the latest edition of Policy Magazine.
4) Upcoming event CoPower is speaking at the Global Leader and Innovation Summit, by Rethink Sustainability Initiatives, October 20-21, at MaRS in Toronto. Check out their great program and register today. 

5) As always, connect with us on LinkedInFacebookTwitter and Medium, and invite your friends to check out our website!

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