Updated February 15, 2018

What can a Green Bond do in a year? Turns out a lot.

This time last year our team was busy getting ready to launch our first major issuance of CoPower Green Bonds.

As of today, we have just under $300,000 remaining in Green Bonds which will bring us to a total of $10 million invested in Canadian clean energy. (Interested in adding our current 5-Year 5% Green Bonds to your portfolio? Click here to learn more and invest.)

Under $1 million in Green Bonds still available

As we accept the final round of investments for this Green Bond issuance and prepare for the next, we wanted to take a look back at the incredible impact our investors and our flagship investment product have had to date. So: what can a Green Bond do in a year?


Getting clean energy projects off the ground

You could say that Green Bonds are the just tip of the iceberg. Underlying each bond are the many months of work that have gone into screening nearly $1 billion in clean energy project lending opportunities, and performing due diligence in order to identify the best for our bondholders.

With our Green Bond investors, we’ve now financed more than 300 individual clean energy and energy efficiency projects across Canada. Our Green Bond portfolio contains a diverse mix of solar projects in Ontario, geo-exchange heating and cooling projects in Quebec, and LED retrofits in condo buildings across Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.


Our Impact


Together, these 300 projects have already avoided a cumulative 1,175 tonnes of CO2eq and generated 11,585 MWh of clean, carbon-free electricity (tweet this). That’s equivalent to the impact of 2,720 barrels of oil, 127 homes’ energy use for a year, or 30,451 seedlings grown for 10 years.

And that’s just the beginning. 1,175 tonnes of carbon is good, but this represents only one year’s worth of impact returns. Each project in our bond portfolio has a lifespan of between five years (in the case of an LED retrofit) to fifty years (in the case a geo-exchange project). 

The catalytic financing enabled by our bondholders means leaving an impact legacy that will extend long beyond the term of their investment.


With our Green Bond investors, we’ve now financed more than 300 individual clean energy and energy efficiency projects across Canada.


Building a movement of impact investors

Speaking of bondholders, we’re proud to say that we’ve now introduced over 350 Canadians to the exciting world of clean energy investing.

Our Green Bond investors include grandparents investing for their grandchildren, millennials making their first impact investment, young professionals investing their bonuses, leaders in the field of sustainable business, all the way up to major financial institutions and insurance companies.

While the hottest buzzword in the investment industry, impact investing is still out of reach for most investors. Opportunities for the average Canadian are still few and far between, with the majority of impact products restricted to those with deeper pockets. For many of our investors, this was their first time investing in clean energy or making an investment with positive social or environmental impact.

The majority of our investors have invested in CoPower’s flagship 5-year, 5% Green Bond, and all-together our Green Bond community has now earned a total of $142,767 in quarterly interest payments to-date.

If you’re interested in joining them, there’s still time. Click here to learn more and get started as a Green Bond investor today.


Building new markets for clean energy lending

Finally, our experience over the past year has also added to our confidence that there is a huge gap in the market that we, together with the support of our investors, are well-positioned to fill.

Small-scale clean energy projects, for example, a solar project under 2 MW, still struggle to access the financing necessary to deploy their climate-friendly technologies at scale. The markets for long-proven technologies like geo-exchange heating and cooling projects are still in their infancy due to prohibitively high costs.

Individual investors can be a part of the solution, providing the capital needed to power the transition to our clean energy future.

Curious about what’s next? We'll be launching our new bond product in a few months with rates, terms, details and clean energy projects all still in the works.

Don’t want to wait? Click here to get in on the last of the 5-year, 5% Green Bonds in this issuance.



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