We’re thrilled to announce that as of today, investors of all sizes in Saskatchewan can put the planet in their portfolios.

CoPower Green Bonds, which launched earlier this year to investors in Ontario, BC, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Alberta, are now available in the Saskatchewan (and the Yukon), representing a unique opportunity for individuals in the province to invest in clean energy infrastructure projects.

Demand for investments that support clean energy and other solutions to environmental and societal issues has been growing louder in Canada, but until recently, the majority of these investment opportunities were restricted to major investors like governments, big banks and accredited investors, leaving the rest of us out.

CoPower is changing that. Investors of all sizes, from millennials making their first investment to major institutions, can purchase CoPower Green Bonds and the funds raised help finance clean energy and energy efficiency projects across Canada like LED retrofits and geo-exchange heating and cooling projects. The projects generate steady revenues by selling clean energy or saving energy, allowing investors to earn attractive returns while providing clean energy developers with much-needed project financing.

Our model is based on the belief that by giving individual Canadians the opportunity to invest in clean energy, we can unlock the private capital needed to build clean energy and help us transition to a low-carbon future. We’re pleased now to welcome Saskatchewanians to a growing movement of investors across Canada making a profit while making a difference.

About CoPower Green Bonds

CoPower’s 5-year Green Bond offers 5% annual interest and is currently backed by loans to nearly 300 operational clean energy infrastructure projects across Canada. The bonds are available at a minimum of $5000 via CoPower’s online platform and are open to investors of all sizes pending suitability analysis.

How it works:

  1. CoPower makes senior, secured loans to diversified portfolios of operational clean energy and energy efficiency projects. Our current portfolio includes LED retrofits and residential geo-exchange heating and cooling projects. Each project and loan portfolio undergoes rigorous due diligence by CoPower’s team of clean energy experts.

  2. CoPower issues Green Bonds backed by the portfolios of clean energy project loans.

  3. As the clean energy projects generate revenue from energy sales or conservation services, the loans are repaid.

  4. Bondholders earn fixed quarterly interest payments and receive quarterly financial and impact reports.

Learn more or create an investor account with a few clicks at https://copower.me/en/