If you are like approximately 1 billion people across the world, you will be participating in some way – however small – in Earth Day celebrations this year. The birth of Earth Day on April 22, 1970 is recognized by some as the birth of the modern environmental movement and it has been gaining traction ever since.

No plans to celebrate this year? That’s okay. You don’t have to lead a climate march, buy a Tesla or tattoo a recycling symbol to your chest to acknowledge the occasion. You could instead: walk or bike to work, carry a reusable water bottle or coffee mug, or go meat-free for a week.

Another option? Put your money where your mouth is and support companies who support a sustainable future. Next time you go to buy something or make an investment, do a bit of research. Does the company make good ethical and environmental decisions? Do they treat their employees well? Do they support a low-carbon economy?

Take your investments, for example: when the object of the activity is to get a financial return, it can be easy to overlook the environmental impact of your decision, but the world is changing, and it’s no longer enough for companies to provide investors with a great return if they can’t explain where that return is coming from.

Research shows that 71% of all investors are interested in making investments that are environmentally sustainable and 65% believe that sustainable investing will become even more prevalent in the next five years. If this is the case, it is likely to become increasingly difficult for companies with poor environmental values to attract investors of any kind.

After attending the Green Living Show in Toronto with past weekend, we were delighted to learn that many consumers and investors are very much interested in the impact their money has on the world. And why wouldn’t they be?

Now I know what you’re thinking: How am I supposed to keep track of the impacts of all my investments? It’s too much work! Luckily, CoPower will do that for you. If you invest $5,000 in Green Bond II (Launching June 2016), you will save over 3,500 kg of CO2 equivalent (the equivalent of taking 270 cars off the road for a day!) and close to 45,000 kWh of electricity (enough to power 1,330 Canadian homes for a day!).

So, this Earth Day, take a moment to think about the impact that you have on the world. This planet is our home for the foreseeable future; it’s in our best interest to keep it clean!


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