If there’s a common trait between grandparents around the world, we’d be willing to bet it’s a shared love for spoiling their grandkids.

But for Indra Persad, Director of Finance at Public Inc and grandmother to nearly two-year-old Miguel, the definition of indulgence has been undergoing a transformation recently.

Her perception of “spoiling” has expanded from a showering of toys to open over the holidays to something more. Gone are the days when she considered a gift of not only what might make him happy in the short-term - she now focuses more on what will be of most help to him and the world he grows up in as he gets older.

“I don’t want to give him something that he will unwrap and then forget about in a week’s time like a toy he won’t play with for long, or a sweater he’ll grow out of,” she explained. “I see the holidays as an opportunity to give him something of longer-term significance - something more meaningful.”

The gift of clean energy and education

Indra is investing in a CoPower Green Bond as a Christmas gift to Miguel this year, an investment she hopes he will use for his education a little ways down the road, and which will do good for the world while he’s not old enough to make use of it.

Her gift of a 5-year CoPower Green Bond will support the development of solar, geothermal and energy efficiency projects that fight climate change while paying 5% annually, while Miguel is learning the important skills of walking and talking.

Until December 31st, gifted CoPower Green Bonds are available at a lower minimum investment of $1000 (compared to the normal minimum investment of $5000.)

An investment in her grandson’s future, and the planet’s

In addition to being a gift for Miguel, Indra sees the investment opportunity as an opportunity to leave a green legacy that she isn’t able to as wholly in her everyday life as she’d like.

“I’m a huge supporter of clean energy. I would ‘green’ my entire home if I had the finances. This gives me a chance to take a small step in the right direction. Every little bit counts.”

Indra’s CoPower Green Bond investment in Miguel’s name will be invested in a portfolio of loans to operational clean energy and energy efficiency projects across North America. Each project both reduces the carbon pollution that causes climate change and generates steady revenues used to pay interest and grow Miguel’s investment portfolio.

With the holiday investment made, Indra and Miguel will get a decorative bond certificate with both his and Indra’s name, in addition to the bond certificate with legal effect, which she hopes he will look back on years from now.

“I hope that when he’s older he can point to the certificate and say ‘My Nan did that for me.’”


Editor's note: Indra invested in CoPower's second issuance of Green Bonds (Green Bond II). CoPower’s third issuance (Green Bond III) is now available for investment.

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